Friday, 9 February 2018

playroom organisation

Our playroom is constantly evolving because so are our kids and the way they use the space and toys. 

I'll share some of our favourite organising items at the bottom if you're looking for that feel free to scroll ahead now!

If you're still here I'll talk about what we do to make the space fun to use, easy to keep organised and let the kids take the lead with play.

One of my favourite organising investments are these rainbow drawers. Each drawer pulls out completely, but not too easily so they come out accidentally, so children can grab a drawer and take to where they're creating. For us this is normally the kitchen table which is in the kitchen behind the wall above. 

I love having drawers and doors in this unit. The more visually messy toys are behind the doors, but still easily accessibly to children. These baskets are perfect for fitting in this Ikea unit when it has the door add ons. My children will pull out a basket and play when they like. 

But once the game is done it's put away behind a door and it looks tidy again!

The file folders on top of the drawers are also from Ikea and hold my kids' workbooks and colouring books. 

On the opposite wall is a similar unit (actually two smaller units pushed together as they were used in our previous house inside cupboards - which also explains why all the boxes are all pink despite me having two girls and a boy, but to be honest my son couldn't care at all and pink is one of his current top five colours!). This unit hols such a lot of items! Each box can be pulled out and played with alone, and the labelling makes putting away child's play. (see what I did there?)

The larger toys get stored on top and can be pulled down to work alongside a box of toys. 

I love having fun touches just for the kids, so that black strip running up the side of the unit?

It' actually cute lego tape! It's repoisitionable and my son (and I!) love it. You could even do a town on its side.  

Each child has colours in their rooms, but I store most here so they can be grabbed for using with those craft drawers. There's also some sharpies for my older kids which are great for art projects and homework. 

There's a shelf for finished models my older two want to keep safe from my three-year-old, and this tub holds smaller creations and works in progress. 

Another favourite place to store smaller sets of toys is in these small 'suitcases'. They look so sweet on display and my youngest loves carrying them around and then playing. 

Please ask any questions and share your toy solutions below!

Here's some of my favourites from our playroom, if I miss something just send me a message or leave me a comment.

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