Thursday, 5 October 2017

drop boxes

One of the craziest areas of our home was always our entrance. I couldn't keep on top of it and we couldn't find what we needed as we were leaving the house. 

I decided an overhaul was in order when we moved last year so I bought one of these tubs per child and labelled them.

I used some chalk labels I found in home bargains and used these chalk pens to write on them. They're the same one I use in our playroom and I love that I can change them up whenever our needs change. 

We store all their seasonal supplies in here along with wet wipes in Esmae's (my youngest always seems to need a face clean before we go anywhere!), sun cream in at least one in the summer, and lip balm in the winter. They're also the perfect size for books and homework that need to go back. 

I can successfully report that the kids have been great at keeping on top of this. Mostly because they can easily dump sunhats or gloves in them and know exactly where to go for what they need.

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