Thursday, 5 October 2017

dresser organisation

For me, having items I use every day all in different drawers just wasn't working - especially my more bulky items like hair supplies. Add in that my husband likes to have his products out it was casing chaos on our dressers!

My make up is always in a little bag, I don't have nearly enough to warrant a big organiser! But those bulky bottles were trickier until I found this pretty basket. It's plastic so I can wipe it out if anything spills and its the perfect height as I can see what I need to grab (small girl problems!) but they're mostly disguised by the lace effect on the basket.

Another tip is to leave the lids off bottles if you're like me! I was only ever putting them on to tidy so i just bin them right away instead! They're high enough that they're away from little hands anyway and it makes getting ready even quicker!

My husband's and son's items are in the little wire basket I found in Primark and they're actually pretty good at putting their things back in their "cage"!

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